SourceDrive® connects CROs, sponsors, and research sites via a modern, intuitive web interface designed specifically for clinical trial workflows.

Faster trials. Higher quality data. Lower costs.

Feature Highlights

Features Benefits
Part 11 Compliant Independently audited and specifically designed for clinical research.
HIPAA Compliant A safe and secure home for your subject information.
Regulatory Binders Cloud-based study startup process drives site startup speed, improves and organizes communication, and eliminates binder reconciliation.
Subject Binders Enables remote Source Data Verification, eliminating the need for up to 70% of CRA travel while providing access to source documents in days instead of months
Certified Copy and Electronic Signing Allows for total elimination of paper backups while adhering to FDA guidelines; no more short or long-term storage of paper 3-ring binders.
Document Expiration Tracking Without having to proactively and periodically check, never miss an expired Medical License, CV, or other document expiration again.
Document Versioning The most recent version of a document is always served up first, eliminating errors such as using an old version of the consent form, while still allowing access to the previous version history.
EHR Integration Eliminates the need to print documents from the EHR to paper and file them into a physical subject binder.
Secure Cloud Hosting All data is kept and redundantly backed-up in a cloud hosting environment that is secured by rigorous administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.
Single Sign-On Industry-best security practice: if a person leaves your company, access is disabled automatically. Plus, no extra password for users to remember!

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