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Propelling Medical Innovation
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Why We're Here

Invio is on a mission to target and eliminate clinical trial inefficiencies that slow or even block new medical innovations.

Data Access

The Problem: Despite many records existing in a cloud ecosystem, clinical trial monitors travel from hospital to hospital to hospital to look at, basically, PDFs. New data isn't seen for 4-8 weeks throughout the research.

Data Quality

The Problem: clinical trial monitors check transcription of thousands of data points for hundreds of study participants in a tedious and error-prone manual process.

The Solution: Invio SourceDrive

Using our patent-pending, modern cloud-based approach, we can save the industry upwards of 6 billion dollars a year. Imagine the possibilities.

The Invio Team

Dema Poppa

Chief Executive Officer

Cassie Wallender

Chief Product Officer

Brian Caruso

Chief Technology Officer

Saqib Rokadia

VP of Engineering

A well balanced team with clinical and regulatory expertise and a combined 20 years experience building life sciences enterprise software.

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