In enterprise software, users are not the priority they should be. Frankly, usability can be quite terrible. Daily users are often not the people making software purchasing decisions, so they get stuck using software that they would not choose. Usability suffers even more once you dig into more specific niches like clinical trial software.

“Designing anything in a silo is rarely good, and never great.”

We wanted to be different from the start and focus on delivering a great user experience.

We believe that when you use SourceDrive it should be useful, fast, and intuitive. Features should make your day easier by eliminating the busy work of clinical trial workflows.

To achieve this, we met with CRCs, CRAs, and PIs, to talk to them, see them in action at work, and most of all, listen. We built and tested numerous design iterations before ever writing the first line of code for SourceDrive. As a result, we’re proud of what we created together with our users. And, we’re still listening; we’ll always be improving SourceDrive based on user input.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their time and expertise to help us make research everywhere a little easier.

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